LIFE; What I know it to be

So recently, I noticed that what I presumed life to be when i was in high school is not what I found it to be in college, I normally think that alll things would go well as long as you have people around you, I didn’t mind the kind of people. i thought that having lots and lots of friends made you popular. but when I got to college i realised that friends that are not sharing the same vision as you will mar you and not make you fulfill your purpose and dreams. many of us teenagers are victims of bad relationships(now I don’t mean boyfriend-girlfriend type). I mean the friendships we keep. are they really worth our time? do they encourage us to pursue our dreams? or do they kill these dreams?

these are questions we need to ask ourselves whenever we rethink our relationships with our so-called ‘friends’. my advice to you all out there is that we should take a moment and reconsider those we call friends. check your relationship if it is symbiotic or parasitic.

if it is symbiotic, then kudos to the kind of friends you have. but if it is parasitic, then we should take to our heels, run away from those kinds of relationship.


Dear 13-19 year old…….

“See, I don’t care what mum or anybody says. All I know is that I want a man in my life now.”, Fola said, rolled her eyes and looked away.

Shade took a long look at her younger sister and wondered what happened to her since she cut her 16th birthday cake. First, she demanded for a phone; an i-phone for that matter. Second, she bought a new set of clothes that looked like a combination of ropes. Now, this. A man in her life. ‘O ga o’.

” Fola! See you’re not the first to be 16. I’ve been 16 too and 18 and now 20! What is happening to you is the activity of the stupid chemicals in your body called hormones. They have now multiplied by 10. They’ll ruin you if you let…”

“Eh-ehn o, Shade.” Fola interrupted her sister. “Hold it there. The ones in my body are stupid and the ones in your body are not. Everything about me is crazy in this house. You people cannot even give someone breathing space. Is it your man? Or is it your want? ”

Shade could hear her mum yell from the sitting room. She had just had an argument with Fola.
” Stupid girl. You want a man. Shey it is because of that stupid chat snap or snap chat that you don’t have sense again. It is that ‘snapping chat’ that you’ll eat in this house o. You can’t even make good grades. O ti fe okurin. You want man, you will get it. Let your father come back, I’ll tell him that his child is now older than him. O ya were!”, their mother yelled.

Shade was so disappointed. She drew her seat closer to Fola’s . “Okay, listen Folakemi. Let’s do it like this – we’ll talk about the man you want later. But for now, please change your mind about going to that party tonight. There’s no good guy there!”

“So the good guys are where? Church abi? Did I tell you I want a pastor for a boyfriend?” Fola laughed lightly and continued. “See Shade, I’m done talking about this. Kilon shele gan?! Leave me alone! Bye, I’m leaving!”, Fola said and stood to leave. Shade held her.
“Please Fola. You’ll break mummy’s heart. You’ll break mine too. Don’t do this. It’s not even safe. Mummy won’t let the driver take you there. So, how will you come back home by midnight?”, Shade pleaded.
” Shade, that’s not your business. Just open the door for me when you should. Fimile.”, Fola broke out of her sister’s grip and left.


It was 5 days after Fola’s burial. Shade packed all Fola’s rope-like clothes and threw them in the fire she had made outside. She sat by the fire and cried. The heat from the fire warmed her cold tears.

If only Fola had listened to her.

There had been no party that night. It was a plan. Fola had met the supposed celebrant on Facebook and got the invite to the party. Fola had wanted to meet this cute guy against all odds and yeah she did, but in a way she did not expect.
Her father found her body on the road, some parts were missing.

Her mother has been in distress and has not come out of her room ever since.

The house is quiet and lonely but nothing can be done to bring Folakemi Adedunni Bello, back from the dead. She was gone.

End of story.
Dear Teenagers, all the things ‘sharking’ you will soon die. Yes, the chemicals in your body have multiplied by 10. And when they are active, it’s like you don’t have sense again. Just like someone poured fuel on your brain and burnt it alive. Everything in your body is working against what mum and dad taught you.

As you grow, you’ll be more rational, so why mess up now? Why forget about the future and waste your today?

May you receive the wisdom of God in Jesus Name.

Stay with God. Stay with wisdom. don’t allow your peer group activities  come in between Gods plan for your life.

Let the Holy spirit guide every action of yours. open up your mind, soul, and spirit to him.


Peer Pressure

Hey Guys,

I know it’s been way too long since I posted. Due to one issue or another I’ve not been able to put something up. But today, while I was talking with some one and she made a statement like ” they will hate me if I don’t do it”

I stopped for a moment and looked at her.Such a young and beautiful soul. I eventually got to talk to her and she told me about how her So called ‘friends’ would not be friends with her again if she doesn’t get a boyfriend, and I’m like, really, does that even happen again in this age and time.

After I left her, I started thinking. Many of us teenagers are being peer-pressured to do things that, on a normal basis, we wouldn’t do. I know it’s hard to get friends, it’s also very easy to lose them. If you don’t have a symbiotic relationship with your friends, if you have a parasitic relationship, I would advice you to leave that relationship.

Symbiotic, I mean a relationship that entails the two parties benefitting from each other. And parasitic, I mean a relationship where only one is benefitting.

if you have the latter, then you should drop that relationship. It isn’t worth it trust me. I have been a victim of a parasitic relationship, the other party, per say, didn’t have anything for me. I was the one checking up on her, trying to know how she was doing. She never did any of these things for me. It took me time to realize what deep shit I had put my self into.

My dears, you should know your worth. Do not let any body dictate what you should be and what you shouldn’t. I had issues with people telling me that, I do not care what other people say about me, and I’m like, 🤷🤷 why should I care about what people say. If I had followed what the crowd said about me, I know I wouldn’t be writing this.

Even if you don’t like this post or even comment, I just want you to know one thing; God loves you the way you are, he doesn’t need the opinion of anybody before he can bless you or do anything about you.

That should be your mindset, you are perfect just the way you are, yes I said it. PERFECT. That’s what you are.

I hope that you’ve really learnt from what I said.

Love 💘 you

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